Serving the Children of the World


 Welcome to Mankato Kiwanis Club
PO Box 733, Mankato MN 56001


We meet each Monday at 12:05 in the City Center Hotel

in downtown Mankato. 

Please join us!


Al Wortman and Matt Kearney present the February Student of the Month to Lucas Baston from Mankato West High School.


Matt Kearney and Mike Brennan presenting our January Student of the Month Award to Abby Mullin who attends Loyola Catholic Schools.

William "Bill" Edwards and Lee Nordgren receiving recognition for being club members for 62 and 65 years.  Impressive!!


Jisoo Kim, a student at Mankato West High School, being honored as our November Student of the Month. (Pictured with club member Kathy Brynaert)


Karen Rekstein presenting newly elected Club President Matt Kearney and his family with a book signed by our club members in hopes of a speedy recovery!


Our club's newly elected officers.  Pictured from left to right:

Sharon Taylor (Secretary), Alex Swanson (Treasurer), Matt Kearney (President), Shannon Sinning (President Elect), Matt Norland (Past President), Briana Barr (Vice President)


Our October Student of the Month Abbi Peterson from Kato Public Charter School pictured with Tom Rekstein.


Wilbur and Matt Kearney with the newly elected officers of Aktion Club Theatre!!


Great picture of Wilbur and Matt Kearney at Aktion Club Theatre!


Lt Governor Michael Tobin presenting Matt Norland with a token of our club's appreciation for a great year under his leadership!  Thank you are leaving some big shoes to fill!!


Lt Governor Michael Tobin installing our new Board of Directors.  Pictured with Becky Kunst.  Not pictured:  Stan Bruss, Kale Riley, and Ron Younge.


At our September 21, 2015 meeting we inducted new members.  From left to right, Mark Miller, Christi Wilking, Mike Lagerquist, and Mike Kunkel.


At our September 21, 2015 meeting the club announced donations of $3,000 to the Kiwanis Education Foundation, $3,000 to the Kiwanis Camp Patterson Foundation, and $2,000 to Kiwanis Camp Patterson for Recreational Equipment.


At our September 21, 2015 meeting we recognized Hunter Oberle as our September Student of the Month.


The newly elected officers of our Aktion Club Theater group for 2015-2017!  Pictured from left to right: Torrance Simondet, Luciana Hassing, Melissa Steel, Michelle Stoufer, and Timothy Anderson.  Congratulations to all of you!!!  The Mankato Downtown Kiwanis Club is SO PROUD of all of our Aktion Club Theater members and the work they are doing!  Keep it up!!


Justin Mathes (left) accepting an award from Matt Norland for serving as our club Treasurer the past 4 1/2 years at our 8/3/15 meeting.  Alex Swanson began serving as club treasurer on August 1, 2015. 

Thank you Justin!!


Phil Slingsby, Matt Kearney, and Matt Norland present a check for $3000 to the Mankato Area Mountain Bikers on behalf of our club to create a new Kiwanis Kids Loop as part of the mountain biking trail system out at the Kiwanis Recreation Area.

Kent Thiesse spoke to our club about The Business of Farming on 7/13/2015.

Quarterly new member induction at our June 22nd, 2015 meeting.  New Members pictured with club president Matt Norland.

June 1, 2015 meeting with the 50 years plus Award as Members.  Kelton Gage, Chuck Heaberlin, Lee Nordgren, Russell Sparks, Fred Lutz.  ( Not in photo Brett Taylor, Paul Meyer, Bill Edwards, Don Linder )

June 1, 2015 meeting.  Don Linder's family joined us from as far away as Kansas City to help us celebrate his award!

June 1, 2015 meeting with Karen Rekstein presenting Lee Nordgren with the Above and Beyond Award.

June 1, 2015 meeting with the 45 Year Member Award.  Lyle Jacobson

June 1, 2015 meeting with the 40 year member award.  Robert Spiegler

June 1, 2015 meeting with the 25 Year Member Award.  Daniel Osdoba (Anne Smith not in the photo)

June 1, 2015 meeting with the 20 Year Member Award.  Steven Olson, Kathy Brynaert, Doug Faust (not in the photo Mike Brennan)

June 1, 2015 meeting with the 5 Year Member Award.  Jim Williams, Joe Farnham, Matt Kearney, Chris Austin, and Sheri Allen (not in the photo Patrick Casey, Garrick Rudolf)

2015 Kiwanis Music Award Winners.  Pictured from left to right:  Shealyn Kawlewski, Linnea Moore, Mackenzie Juberien, Emma Murray, Katherine Alto, Adrianna Lastimosa, Thomas McDermott, Erika Dobie.


May 2015 Student of the Month Emma Murray, Mankato West High School.

Mankato Loyola Key Club visited us on May 4 , 2015.

MSU Circle K Club visited us on May 4, 2015.

At our April 20th meeting Sam Ziegler from Greater Mankato Growth spoke to the club about Project ABE.

Samantha Sipes, Kato Public Charter School, our April Student of the Month.

Our April 2015 Student of the Month Xia Nelson from Mankato Loyola High School.

Barb Dorn, Executive Director of the YWCA Mankato, spoke to our club April 6, 2015.

Mary Kaus and Amy Kolb spoke to our club about RAW FUSION 2015 on March 30, 2015.

Doug Faust with Matt Norland as Matt receives the Claire Faust award.

Our latest class of new Kiwanis Members!  What a great group!!

Our March Student of the Month is Grace Karkoska from Mankato East High School.


The four pictures below were taken with club members and volunteers distributing 1200 books to area children as part of the MN-DAK project!

Club Member Rene Maes with Sara Beyer and Jessica Doyle of the Loyola Builders Club.  Checks for $60.00 and $324.80, money they raised to contribute to The Eliminate Project which is the Kiwanis Worldwide Project aimed at eliminating neonatal tetanus.  Thank you!

Rebecca Bergman, President of Gustavus Adolphus College, spoke to our club on February 23, 2015.  Pictured with Shannon Sinning.

Kiwanis Holiday Lights presented this check to our club at the February 16, 2015 meeting.

Pictured are nine of our club's past presidents and our current club president Matt Norland.

Shealyn Kawlewski our Student of the Month at the February 9, 2015 meeting pictured with Kathy Brynaert and Matt Norland.

Member Wilbur Neushwander-Frink speaking about both of our Aktion Clubs at the 1/26/15 meeting.

Mara Goings, Kato Public Charter School, our Student of the Month at the 1/26/15 meeting.

Cadet Zachary Yozamp speaking at our January 19th, 2015 meeting about his experience in the Army ROTC and the Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency Program.  Pictured here with club member Dennis Murphy.

Celebrating 100 years of Kiwanis International on January 21st!

Our January 2015 Student of the Month, Emily Gaspar, standing with Kathy Brynaert and Matt Norland.

Jennifer Hyk from the American Red Cross spoke to our club on January 5, 2015.

New Member Induction on December 15, 2015.  Left to Right:  Matt Norland, Kale Riley (new member), Janessa Becker (new member), Shannon Sinning

In 1922, Kiwanis International sent hundreds of barrels of Mankato Flour to Russia for famine relief!

On December 8, 2014 Shellee Hague spoke to our club about the ECSE program at the YMCA.

Cory Weston from Mankato East High School was our December Student of the Month.

Our November Student of the Month John Kurtz from Mankato West High School.

Our October Student of the Month Kelsi Pettit from the Kato Public Charter School.

Our club approved the new Kiwanis Reading Oasis at Hoover Elementary on November 3, 2014.

Pictured from Left to Right:  Matt Norland, Sheri Allen, Heather Mueller, Dan Kamphoff, Stephanie Davern, Stewart Ross, and Tom Rekstein

New Member Induction at our October 20, 2014 meeting.

Pictured from Left to Right:  Tony Solano, Jim Fleming, Dwain Petersen, Bukata Hayes, Dennis Murphy, Rebecca Kunst, Randy Berkland, Christi Wilking, Tim Peterson, Tracy Mickley, Aaron Wangen, Matt Norland

Jonathan Zierdt from Greater Mankato Growth spoke to our club on October 13, 2014.

Kelly Holmin from Loyola High School was our October Student of the Month.

Installing Matt Norland as President of the Club and recognizing Jaci Lageson for her great year as Club President!  October 6, 2014

Lt. Governor Darryl Meyer installing Matt Kearney as President Elect on October 6, 2014.

Lt Governor Darryl Meyer installing Matt Norland as Club President on October 6, 2014.

Bukata Hayes signing up to become a member of our club, mid-meeting.  Dwain Peterson demonstrates the "right way" to bring a guest to one of our Monday lunch meetings! 

Kiwanis Adopt-a-Highway crew from Saturday, September 20, 2014.

Barb Kaus, President of the Greater Mankato Area United Way, spoke to our club on September 15th.

Kiwanis Holiday Lights work night!

Rion Wendlund was our September 2014 Student of the Month.

Kiwanis Recreation Area Clean Up Day on August 16, 2014.

Matt Norland, Jaci Lageson, and Justin Mathes at the 2014 Minnesota-Dakotas District Convention.

The Benefits of Yoga with Gena Heminover on September 2nd, 2014.








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